Our Story

We are revolutionising the way football is delivered on and off the pitch


The MY F.C. Football School delivers a professional and fun experience coupled with an innovative and exciting experience off the pitch. We aim to take the game to the next level for both players and supporters of our beautiful game, essentially revolutionizing how the game is delivered.


On the pitch the MY F.C Football School will give players the opportunity to develop their passion and ability for the game by working in programs put together by professionals. We use ideas and concepts gathered over years of research spanning the football globe, tailored to our students.


Off the pitch the MY F.C. Football School provides its users with an industry leading and effortless digital solution that caters to all their footballing needs while simultaneously challenging them to evolve their creative ideas and channel their dreams.   


Driven by values of respect, sportsmanship, hard work, honesty and responsibility the MY F.C. football school will change how you think and feel about the game forever.


Made for Footballers by Footballers.



MY F.C. has 5 distinct core values that we underpin everything we do on and off the pitch