Welcome to MY F.C. Football School

I would just like to take this time to introduce myself and give people a little insight into the future of the MY F.C Football School program. Attention and care, in my opinion, are the key factors to a successful football program. With the correct attention and positive care, you can offer player 1 and player 2 the best coaching:

1)     Player 1 – New player – first time playing football

-       With the correct attention and positive care, you can introduce a new player into the football program at a young age at any ability, without them feeling uncomfortable

2)     Player 2 – Existing player – playing for a year or more

-       With the correct attention and positive care, you can help develop and guide young players to their highest potential

At MY F.C Football School, we see ourselves as a professionally run program with very high standards, and we try to provide the best service daily. Working as the Football Development Officer, I would like to provide every parent, player and coach with a very positive and enjoyable experience throughout the calendar year. I will focus on delivering the program to the best of my ability and from that point I will look to expand the program with new ideas and exciting developments. Below are just a few ideas that I will introduce:

-       Player education > provide players not only with a fun session, but a session where they are learning the basics of the game with clear coaching instructions

-       Coach education > provide coaches with a coaching curriculum to ensure every coach is delivering a high standard and professional session

-       Coaching Program > a new session curriculum with new and improved games to challenge the players and keep them excited each week

I will use all my knowledge and experience from working in the community football space in overseas environments in order to take our MY F.C Football School programs to the next level.


Yours in football!

Declan Lynch

MY F.C Football School Development Officer

Sam Jenkins