Player of the Week - Caleb Field

In a new initiative for 2018 the MY F.C Football School will award a player of the week across the term programs and feature these players in our mail outs and social media channels.


This weeks winner is Caleb Field!

Name - Caleb Field

Age -  7

MY F.C Clinic attended - Caribbean Dr, Albany

Football Club played for - East Coast Bays 

Football Club supported -  Everton 

Favourite Player - Messi 

Favourite football position - Midfield 

Favourite movie - Star Wars, episode 7

Favourite video game - Lego Star Wars.  Fifa 18.

Favourite food - Tacos & ice cream

Favourite music - NA

Other interests, activities or talents outside of football - Cricket, Lego, Swimming.

A Player of the term will be awarded at every afterschool, Saturday kick off and holiday venue across the year with the players receiving awards for their achievements.

Winners are chosen for their all round effort which includes manner, attitude, sportsmanship and performance.

Sam Jenkins